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swim with the biggest fish !


Do you know that the biggest fish in the ocean are sharks ? and what if you can swim and snorkel with one of them ? do not worry they do not have theeth ! and only eat plankton so we are not on their menu. These giants of the ocean swim with open mouth to absorb the nutritious soup made up from microscopic water plants, plankton, egg fish and even tiny fish.

Only imagine a magical encounter face to face with these giants in the ocean.

Harmless Giants ! only few places in the world can guarantee this magical encounter, a gorgeous experience that will never forgot !. Every year during the months of June, July, August and early September these amazing and unique creatures arrive to the North of the Yucatan Peninsula on their migratory path, they stay in the mexican waters nearby Holbox and Contoy islands.

On the way to the snorkeling area, you can enjoy dolphins and manta rays.

Snorkeling with the whale sharks, is just an unforgettable moment that will last for ever in your memories and more if you share this time with friends and family. We depart from Playa del Carmen in the early morning and we are back about 4 pm, everything is included !!!
This tour is operated by Sea Friends tour.

unique lifetime experience with whale sharks