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reef creatures


cleaning shrimp
spotted cleaner shrimp
banded coral shrimp
mantis shrimp
mantis shrimp
anemone crab
sun anemone shrimp
squat anemone shrimps

The banded coral shrimp and the scarlet striped shrimp, use to stay in holes, inside sponges were they can be protected, with their long white antennaes call for their services. During night they can move out.
The pederson shrimp usually live in association with the corckcrew anemone, the spotted cleaner shrimp live usually in the giant anemone as well as the squat shrimps, the sun anemone shrimp lives usually in association with the sun anemone.
The mantis shrimp, is difficult to find since he is incredible fast ! with his stalked eyes will retreat in his bunker if you approach.

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