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Among the sea turtles we can find diving in Playa del Carmen we can mention: Hawskbill, Logger-head and Green turtles, the two most common seen are the hawskbill and loggerhead.

Hawskbill Turtles are ones of the smaller turtles, have 2 pairs of prefrontal scutes (scales) in the front of its eyes, the jaw is not serrated and its shell or carapace has an elliptical shape with overlappning scutes, each flippers has 2 clawns, the most representative carachteristic is the beak–like mouth (sharp, curving beak with prominents cutting edges). Can be up to 2.5 – 3 feet, its primary prey are sea sponges, but they also eat anemonas and jellyfish.

Green Turtle, have 1 pairs of prefrontal scutes (scales) in the front of its eyes, the jaw is serrated and its shell or carapace has an oval shape with non-overlappning scutes, each flippers has 1 clawns. Can be up to 3.5 – 4 feet, its primary food are sea weed and algaes. Their name "Green" does not come for its color shell, its becouse their fat and flesh are green !

Logger-head Turtles main carachteristic is its big head and its heart carapace shape, they are not as friendly as the others with divers. Can be up to 79 cm – 114 cm. The loggerhead mainly feeds on bottom dwelling invertebrates, including horseshoe crabs, clams, mussels, molluscs, crustaceans, fish, jellyfish, crabs, shrimp, Portuguese Man o´ War and other small to medium–sized marine animals, which they crush with their large and powerful jaws.

All sea turtles have similar basic nesting behaviors. Females return to lay their eggs on or near the beach where they hatched. They haul out of the water, climb the beach, excavate a body pit, lay eggs, fill the egg chamber, fill the body pit, and finally return to sea. Clutch size ranges from 70mm to 150mm. Each egg is roughly the size and shape of a ping–pong ball. Because of human, sea turtles are threatened with extinction.

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