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orange sea horse
pipe horse
harlequin pipefish
diamond pipefish
white nose pipe fish

Seahorses are usually found in couples, thanks to their prehensile tail they are motionless and anchored to the substrate. Males guard the eggs in a special ventral sac until hatching. The male undergoes muscular contractions to expel them from his pouch, this occurs tipically at night. They are symbol of fidelity since they have only one partner for life.
Seahorses camuflage very good, longer they are in the substrate they get its color. If you find one, be very carefull to take the picture, dont touch them and if you stay a while there, the seahorse will try to go away !
Pipe fish, have same head and tail with a tube body. They are very little and to find them you need to be very carefully !

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