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adult stoplight parrot fish
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queej parrot fish
princess parrot fish
rainbow parrot fish
beak parrot

Their mouth is probably one of the most remarcable highlight feature. Teeth fused together into a parrotlike beak, with this strong mouth they eat hard corals and rocks.

Rainbow parrotfish can be between 1½ and 3 feet or 45 cm and 1 meter, max. 5½ or 1.65 meters.
Parrot fish are from 1 to 1½ max. 2 ft or 33 to 45 cm up to 60 cm max.

Parrotfish are diurnal and stay within shallow waters. By night some species secreting a thick coat of mucus, like a little surrounding bubble or sleeping bag, to mask their scent from nocturnal predators.

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