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baby lion fish
lion fish
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adult lion fish

Without doubt a star for underwater photography lovers, mottled fin lion fish does not need any kind of description, its beauty is just gorgeous !
Like scorpion fish, lions have poison dorsal spines as well, if the fish feel disturbed or threatened will bend the body and probably attack. Its venom is thermolabile so if you put the affected part in hot (really hot !) water will inactivate the venom...but remember: dont touch, harass or bother any marine life underwater !.
This specie is not native to this region, it is belived that the lion fish arrived at the atlantic ocean and caribbean sea due to Katrina Hurricane´s, a water tank was broken and fish went into the ocean. In these waters there are not predators for this specie, they reproduce very fast, and are more active in the night eating small fish.

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