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reef creatures


hermit crab
swimming crab
swimming crab rear
arrow crab
anemone crab
decorator crab
king crab

These are six of the most common crabs in Playa del Carmen coral reefs, look inside sponges, holes, on the sea bed, on anemones to find them. Those with big and strong claws can eat shells, and those with tinny claws eats sea grass. Crabs have 8 walking legs 2 claws. Crabs are crustacious.

Arrow Crab takes this name due to the shape of the tinny body (they have a small triangular shaped body with a pointed head)... its not an spider crab !
Clinging or Anemone Crabs usually live in association with anemones, due to anemonas have stinging cells, coral crabs use the anemona as a shelter from their attackers, they are very shy and retreat for protection if you approches
Hermit Crabs have a soft body, to solve this problem these crabs use empty shells to protected themselves, as they grow they will need to change to a biger house, usully from another hermit crab.
King Crab or Stone Crab are very well camouflaged with the reef as protection, sometimes you have to look very carefully to find one ! they also help to clean the coral reef by eating sea grass.
The Swimming Crab gets this name due to the rear pair of legs have developed into paddlelike appendages that are used for swimming. The rear spots simulates eyes to confuse predators.
Decorated Crabs, are incredible creatures ! they look like sea weed and its very difficult to see or find them.

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