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This is your passport to an incredible world of wonders and intense adventures !

The PADI Open Water Diver course is divided into three segments: Academic training, Confined-water training and Open-water training.

Academic training gives you the basic principles and knowlegde you need for safe and enjoyable diving. It is done using the Padi Open Water Manual and classroom sessions.

Confined-water training takes place in a pool or confined-water enviroment and will teach you the basic scuba skills of diving. The Open-Water training allows you to demostrate your mastery of these skills and practise them in a typical scuba diving situation. You will participate in 4 scuba dives in the Playa del Carmen caribbean reefs.

Have a look at what you can see diving in Playa del Carmen during your PADI course.

The Padi Open Water Diver certification is valid worldwide and never expires.

To attain this rating, a diver must be at least 15 year olds. The Jr. Open Water certification is from 10 to 14 year olds.

What can a PADI Open Water diver do?

Successfully earning the PADI OW diver certification means you are qualified to:
– Buy air fills, equipment and other diving services
– Engage in recreational open water diving without the direct or indirect supervision of an instructor.
– Plan, control and log open water, no decompression dives in conditions generally comparable to, or better than, those you were trained in. You must be properly equipped and accompained by another certified diver.
– Participate in continue PADI education training ! After completing the PADI Open Water diver course, you are qualified to begin the PADI Advanced course !

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